Kiljan & D


Translation services

Fast translations (~24 h) in Nordic languages, English and German. Proofreading, text editing and software localisation.

Authorised Translations

Authorised translations in English-Finnish. Public documents, certificates, court rulings, inheritance or business documents etc.

Project management

Project management service for multilingual translation projects.

Machine translation post-editing (MTPE)

Neural machine translations and post-edits for large translation masses.

Terminology services

Ensure your documents use the right terms. Creation and management of concepts in special fields in selected languages.

DTP & layout design

Digital layout, visual, and graphic design aligned with cultural and linguistic requirements of the audience.

SEO translation & optimizing

Keyword research and translation (keyword seeding), metadata optimisation, content optimisation, SEO copywriting.


Convert audio from videos to correct and interesting text that appeals to the target audience.


Audio into written form.

Areas of expertise

We have experience in the following fields:

  • Information technology, telecom, electronics, artificial intelligence
  • Banking and finance; fintech
  • Traffic, road construction, logistics, maritime
  • Cars & automotive
  • Chemistry
  • Medical and health technology, healthcare, dentistry
  • Agriculture, forestry, environment, energy
  • Machinery, precision equipment, robotics, steel, manufacturing
  • Construction, building technology, real estate, security sector
  • Digital marketing
  • Games